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About KDaniels

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KDaniels was born and raised in Dallas, TX. She grew up in a single parent household with her younger sister and mother. She faced many challenges even at an early age. Back and forth from doctors and hospitals, KDaniels has been through 4 medical surgeries, near paralysis, and even epilepsy. Also a victim of sexual assault, KDaniels is a firm believer in not allowing life's trials to overcome you and allowing your tests to become testimonies.

She has been in the fashion industry since 2011. She has worked in many aspects of the fashion industry including fashion show production, clothing production, model coordinating, and sewing training. Although she enjoys making many different types of clothing, she specializes in creating couture "WOW" moment pieces for her clients. Fashion has always been a part of her life. In the year 2020, she stepped full throttle into designing full time and building the empire that you know as KDaniels Designs. She has created pieces for many clients including big names such as Paris Hilton, SWV, Ari Lenox, Cyn Santana, Juan Pazurita, Mimi Faust, K.Michelle, Joseline Hernandez, Alonzo Arnold, DJ Duffey, Jekalyn Carr, B.Simone, Melissa Williams, Lil Mama, Honey the Golden Child, Angela Simmons, and many more.

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